10+ Best Telegram Business Groups Link List In Pakistan 2021 ​

10+ Best Telegram Business Groups Link List in Pakistan 2021

The recent controversial WhatsApp policy is shifting many users to different similar messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal as people think they are more secure and encrypted.

I will also discuss the differences these apps have in another article but first let’s address the effect of this on business. As you all know WhatsApp also has a business platform for its user called WhatsApp Business, which was used by most businesses and organizations.

You can create groups in WhatsApp & WhatsApp business where you can promote and sell your products on the platform but it has some certain limitations.

You can only add 256 users or contacts on WhatsApp groups you can not pin your posts and many other features that need to be added but they are not there right now.

Now if we look at Telegram for the promotion of our business, we can definitely show our products to 200,000 people can be added in a single group, admins can have different rights.

It supports replies, mentions, and hashtags that help maintain order and keep communication in large communities efficient.

As this article for the Telegram Business Groups list in Pakistan and I have not seen many working here but I have a few now where you can promote your business and can target 200,000 people with just a single post. Great isn’t it!

Here is the Telegram Business Group List in Pakistan














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