How to Create Social Media Marketing Plan

How to create social media marketing plan, We often think about this when we want to optimize our social media and  we imagine a lot of things at the same time.

How do I make it? 🤔

Where do I start form? 🙄

What to write in it? 😓

How to measure its performance?🤓

Is it a good plan or not? 🤞

And many other questions come to your mind. Well, let us guide you on how to create social media marketing step by step and you know what? It’s not that hard.

There are actually 9 steps to create social media marketing plan. If you follow these steps you will end up creating one for yourself. Now without any wait let’s get right into it. 💪

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There was a time when our team had to do meetings on how to create social media marketing plan for our clients and we used to discuss strategies for hours discussing different random plans and what is going wrong or how we can do it the right way. After a lot of meeting we finally acclaimed  these 9 step process to create the best social media marketing plan that will be the basic structure for our every client and we are sharing these steps with you people right now.

The 9 Steps Of Creating The Best Social Media Marketing Plan

  1. Brand Audit
  2. Competitive Audit
  3. Customer Avatar
  4. Content Platform
  5. Content Strategy
  6. Content Calendar
  7. Measure Analytics
  8. ROI (Qualitative & Quantitative)
  9. Test & Refine

Brand Audit

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 1 Brand Audit.

A brand audit is the analysis of your current state of social media, like where you are digital?  What platforms do you use? What social media real estate do you have? How consistently do you post on your social media also your connections or followers, how you are engaging or interacting with them.

When you are creating a social media marketing plan you have  to make know and make sure that you are visible on various social media platforms. 

Competitive Analysis

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 2 Competitive Analysis.

You have to do an analysis of your competition, ask yourself these  questions:

  • Who is your competition?
  • Who is your close in competition meaning people just like you or people who are bigger or more successful than you are.
  • Where they are currently and what platforms do they use? What kind of content they are putting on social media?
  • What’s successful or what’s working for them and what’s not?
  • Who is their target audience, who are they influencing?
  • What their engagement looks like?

Look at where they are being successful. Try to mirror your competitor’s behavior, do not copy their social media marketing plan but try to make a similar one with respect to your brand.

Customer Avatar

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 3 Customer Avatar.

While you are creating a social media marketing plan for your business, you should also know what your customer looks like. Let us elaborate on this for you in an easy way. Ask yourself these questions

  • Who are those people you want to reach out to?
  • What is their problem that you want to solve?
  • How can you solve it for them?
  • The most important thing to find out is where is your customer is hanging out?
  • Where do they congregate?
  • How do they communicate in a real-world or online world?
  • What kind of platforms do they use?
  • Where do they hang out and what do they do there.

When you get answers to these questions, you have your ideal customers there and try to think out answers to these questions as a customer.

Content Platform

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 4 Content Platform.

Whole creating a good social media marketing plan you have to decide what the right content platform for your brand is. What kind of content to post on that platform. If you are in the creative field it is visual content. If you are in the strategy field it is written content. The difficult kind of content is making video content that your audience likes and appreciates. You have to make sure that you choose very carefully which social media platform would give you the most results organic, paid, or both, and then invest on that specific platform.

Content Strategy

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 5 Content Strategy.

The strategy of the development of the content. You have decided what form it is going to take. You have to decide how you are going to create it or who is going to be the person to create it or you’ll do it yourself. You want to develop your calls to action. Where is it going to drive people i.e blogs, products, or services you provide?

After evaluating all these questions you have to publish your content consistently.

Content Calender

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 6 Content Calendar.

Create a content posting calendar, so that’s when the content comes out and where does it come out. Does it come out on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform? You have to decide actual frequencies, what date and time this content is going to be posted and then you have to make a calendar for that, make sure you stick to it.

Automate your content using automation software available online such as Hootsuite or Sprout social or or if you are using Facebook and Instagram you can also schedule your posts from there.

Measure Analytics

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 7 Measure Analytics.

When you are doing all this you have to measure how all this stuff is working, using Google analytics or Facebook analytics if you are using Facebook or Youtube analytics. You want to dive in to find out how people are interacting with your content, where they are going, and how much engagement and interaction there.

Using these analytics you can then find out what is going the right way and what’s not. Analytics of your digital content lets you optimize your content in timely.

ROI (Qualitative & Quantitative)

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 8 ROI ( Qualitative & Quantitative).

ROI (Return on Investment) on a social media marketing plan is what you are actually getting out of your plan. You look at this in terms of quantitative & qualitative.

Qualitative is a kind of soft metrics, things like engagement or feedback or brand loyalty or brand awareness.

Quantitative is based on more detailed and number based hard facts on how you are getting a return on investments, things like site traffic, shares, followers, actual sales, page views, duration of views, bounce rates, Google ranking things like that.

Test & Refine

How to create social media marketing plan? Step 9 Test & Refine.

You want to make sure that you are looking at your analytics and then you are going back and looking at your social efforts and you are refining them.

So you know what’s working, what can you change, what can you make better? You need to learn from your efforts that no social media marketing plan is static. It never stays the same forever, so you have to go back and you have to test, refine, and implement those changes.

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